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Foundation Problems: Repair Your Home's Concrete Piers

by Ryan Wright

If your home was constructed or built on concrete piers, talk to a foundation repair company today. Support piers can tilt, fracture, and even collapse over time. If you don't check and repair the piers supporting your home now, you could face major foundation problems later. Learn more about support piers and how to repair the structures below.

What Are Piers?

The most common foundations known today are basements and crawl spaces. However, some homes use piers for support. Home construction companies use piers in places traditional foundations can't sit on, such as extremely wet soil conditions and sloped terrains.

Piers usually come with special caps and pipes called piles for added support. Although piers, caps, and piles can last a long time, the structures eventually succumb to age, moisture, and other environmental conditions. The problems can cause piers to warp, crack, or even tilt out of placement. 

If the piers supporting your home are damaged from years of exposure, repair them immediately.

How Do You Repair Your Home's Piers?

The first thing you may want to do is call a foundation repair company and request services. A foundation repair company will inspect the piers to see if they show signs of severe damage. If a company discovers problems in your piers, they'll repair them.

The repairs may include:

  • placing new caps or covers over the tops of the piers 
  • placing new vertical piles and pillars beneath the piers
  • placing new caps over the piles and pillars

If a company discovers tremendous damage in your piers, they may advise you to replace the structures immediately. The old piers may be too eroded or old to support the weight of your home. If the foundation weakens too much, the piers and your home may collapse in the future.

You want the replacement piers to be stronger and more reliable than your old piers. This may be the perfect time to choose piers in another material, such as steel or reinforced concrete. Both types of materials may hold up well in the future. A repair company will let you know if there are other replacement options available to you.

After a company repairs or replaces your piers, keep your foundation strong by monitoring the structures regularly during the year. You also want to have your foundation professionally maintained to ensure it stays safe and secure.

If your concrete piers need repairs or other services, consult a construction contractor today.