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Things You May Want To Discuss With Your Remodeling Contractor Before Work Begins

by Ryan Wright

Depending on the type of home remodeling you plan to undertake, it might not be necessary to move out of your house as long as you can tolerate the activity and noise. If you stay in your home, you'll want to iron out details with your remodeling contractor first so you can stay out of each other's way. Here are a few things you may want to discuss with your contractor before work begins.

Where The Workers Will Park

Find out how many people will be at your home working each day and where they will park. This could be an issue if there isn't parking available on the street, and everyone has to use the same driveway. You don't want to get pinned in, so parking in the yard might be necessary if it's allowed by your city. Whatever you decide, let everyone know where they should park beforehand so no one has to move cars around to let you out to run to the store. Also, if the work crew does park on the street, be sure they won't block your trash pickup or interfere with your neighbors.

The Working Hours

You'll also want to know what time the workers will start each day and what time they'll go home. Find out if they will work weekends too. You might appreciate weekends and long workdays so the job is done quicker, but if the work will take weeks, you might prefer some quiet time on weekends too.

Safety Issues

If you're not going to move all your valuables out of your house and you plan to continue living in it as well, you'll have to think about safety issues. You'll need to give the crew key access to your home, so you'll probably want to change the locks when the work is done. However, you'll also be concerned about the crew leaving doors open and coming and going all day because that increases the risk of strangers walking in your house. By discussing these security issues with your remodeling contractor, your mind can be put at ease and you can learn steps you need to take to protect your property while the remodeling work is underway.

The Need To Leave For Certain Jobs

There might be some jobs that require you to leave the home so you won't be exposed to dust or chemical fumes. For instance, your contractor might want you to leave while hardwood flooring is refinished. You may want to leave voluntarily when there's loud pounding going on, and if you have kids or pets, you may want to move them elsewhere when there are loud noises, strong fumes, or air pollution from the remodeling work. When you know the times you'll need to leave the house in advance, you can make plans for where to stay and you can discuss how your home will be protected while you're away.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't bother the crew while you're at home during the remodeling work. You'll meet with your contractor on a set schedule, but chatting with the crew will only slow them down or you'll get in the way and be a nuisance. Instead, stay in a part of the house that isn't being worked on and continue life as normal while waiting on the room addition or the other remodeling to be complete.

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