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Sump Pump Performance—It's Up To You

by Ryan Wright

Residential properties that are located in areas that receive a lot of precipitation throughout the year are at risk of flooding. Flooding can be particularly damaging to the basement of a home, since this is the lowest point in the home and the area where water tends to pool.

The installation of a sump pump can help you better manage any moisture that finds its way into your basement—but only if you take the time to perform routine maintenance to keep the pump working properly.

Test Your Pump

The easiest way to determine if your sump pump is experiencing problems is to test its performance on a regular basis. The test process is easy. All you need is a bucket of water and some patience. Pour the bucket of water directly into the sump pit.

The pump should immediately kick on and remove the water from the pit with ease. Once the pit is empty, the pump should shut itself off. A pump that deters from this process during a test should be serviced to address problems and keep your home protected against water damage.

Clean the Pump

A clean sump pump is able to operate more efficiently that one that has been neglected over time. You should check the pump housing for dirt and debris often. Clean the pump to prevent clogs from forming. A clog in the pump could cause the motor to burn out, resulting in the need for a costly sump pump replacement.

You should clean debris and gravel from the sump pit each time you conduct a test to keep intake lines clear. It can be beneficial to check the discharge lines for dirt, rock, and debris buildup as well so that your pump is able to properly route water away from your home.

Add a Battery Backup

Your sump pump can only prevent water damage if it has access to the electricity required to function properly. A serious flood or power outage could render your pump useless and leave your home vulnerable to water building.

Connect a marine grade backup battery to your sump pump. The battery will provide short-term power for your pump until your home's main electrical system is up and running once more. A backup battery can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sump pump will always be ready to eliminate water from your basement.

For more information, reach out to a sump pump installation and repair company near you.