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3 Attractive Ways To Hide Your Propane Storage Tank

by Ryan Wright

If you are looking for an affordable and effective fuel source for your home, propane could be the answer. Homeowners who want to take advantage of the benefits that propane can provide need to factor propane into their construction plan when building a new home.

You will need to have access to a storage tank that will house your propane supply. This storage tank might not be the most attractive structure, so finding safe and effective ways of concealing the tank during construction will help you preserve the aesthetic of your new home.

1. Strategic Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to conceal your propane tank from view is to rely on strategic landscaping techniques. Trees and shrubs in varying sizes can be grouped together near your propane tank to provide a natural foliage barrier.

Just be sure that you plant your trees and shrubs a safe distance from the tank to prevent root spread from causing potential tank damage and leaks. You will also need to maintain a walkway that allows you and your propane company to access your propane tank for routine maintenance and refilling in the future.

2. Fenced Facade

If you don't like the thought of maintaining a natural landscape barrier to keep your propane tank concealed from view, you should consider the use of a fence to hide the propane storage tank instead. A wood or vinyl fence can provide a clean and attractive enclosure for above-ground propane tanks.

You must carefully plan the layout of your tank's fenced facade so that the tank can easily be accessed over time to complete refills and maintenance. Your fencing materials should also allow for proper ventilation to prevent the tank from causing a buildup of toxic propane fumes.

3. Creative Cover

Some homeowners opt to take advantage of the creative covers that are designed specifically for use with propane tanks. A fiberglass or vinyl cover that mimics the appearance of a natural boulder can be fitted over your entire above-ground propane tank.

These types of covers will not only conceal your tank from view, but they can also act as a rain or snow cover during periods of inclement weather.

As you invest in the construction of a new home, take the time to consider how your propane storage tank will fit into your property. Concealing the tank with landscaping, fencing, or a specialized cover can help prevent your spare fuel from detracting from the beauty of your new home.