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Need A Welder on Staff? Iron Out The Details And Hire Someone Now

by Ryan Wright

If your business has had an increase in welding needs and you feel like you are constantly paying for an outside contractor to come in, set up their tools and materials, and then do the welding, it may be time to hire someone as a staff member to do the work in the shop. This way you don't have to worry about someone else's schedule, and you don't have to worry about getting the welding done when you need it. Do the following to get started. 

Invest in the Right Equipment

You have to get the right stud welding equipment to keep around the shop, along with all the safety features and accessories to go along with the equipment. Make sure that you have followed all the rules and regulations for the welding equipment, and that you have options to keep the area where the welders will be working cool when the temperatures rise, and the shop gets hot.

Hire a Welder

Finding a welder to come work in your shop when you have already purchased and invested in all the equipment should be easy. You may be able to find someone that just got done with their training, or that only wants to work part-time, and then you don't have to pay them a high wage or full-time benefits. This could be the best investment for your business until you find out what type of hours you need the welders to work.

Update First Aid Materials

Be sure that you update the first aid materials to be sure that you have everything that could be needed if someone got burned while they were welding. This way you could treat the burn by helping to cool the skin until they were able to get emergency care, or I it was minor they could treat it for pain and infection.

If you are always trying to get a welder in your shop to catch up on work, it may be finally time to invest in the equipment and to get your own staff member to do the welding for you in the shop. This way you always have someone to consult on the different projects going on, and you can get something done right away, and you don't have to delay on a project because you are waiting for a welder with their equipment to schedule a time to stop by your shop.