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Why Vinyl Is Ideal For Fascia

by Ryan Wright

If your roof is looking old, it might be due to the roofline. Look closely at your roofline and make sure that it is straight and clean. If the fascia boards are sagging or faded, they can make your entire roof look old and worn. Fascia boards out also have to be strong and structurally sound, especially if they are holding a gutter system, or if you have a heavy tile roof material.

Prevent Fascia Sagging

If a fascia board gets too saggy, not only can the roofing material over it become structurally compromised, it might not be able to hold the weight of the gutter, especially when it gets filled with water and debris. This is why many homeowners are now choosing to invest in synthetic fascia boards. Synthetic products, like vinyl, are much easier to maintain, and they have the structural integrity to keep a roofline looking and performing great.

Vinyl Fascia Boards

The best part about vinyl, when used for fascia boards, is that it isn't vulnerable to water and sun damage. This is obviously a very big issue with fascia boards because they are directly exposed. The elements can wear down the finish on your roofline, particularly if the fascia is made out of real wood. Raw wood fascia boards that are constantly exposed to sun and rain are the most vulnerable to sagging when they aren't maintained. You don't have to worry about this with synthetic products like vinyl.

Vinyl has the same flexibility of wood. But, it doesn't have the grains that can expand and contract when they get wet. They won't crack when exposed to the sun. Basically, vinyl remains impermeable to these elements, even without any special treatment.

Painting Vinyl Fascia Boards

One disadvantage of owning a vinyl fascia board is that it is a little harder to paint than a real wood board. The smoother texture of vinyl means it cannot be repainted using brushes or rollers. The only practical way to repaint vinyl is to spray it. This can be impractical and difficult on a fascia board that is already installed. This is particularly tricky if you just need to spot paint a damaged area. Of course, it is less likely that you will ever need to repair or repaint vinyl. But, it is important to know that it will take little extra effort if you do decide to paint your vinyl fascia.

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