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When To Choose Demolition Over Deconstruction

by Ryan Wright

As companies find ways to preserve materials and resources and prevent landfills from becoming full, more have added deconstruction or "soft" demolition services. These services focus on taking apart, rather than destroying, the structure in question. Those doing soft demolition can reserve usable materials and separate out the true trash. While soft demolition definitely has its place, so does hard demolition, which is the traditional destruction and removal of a structure. And there are times when hard demolition is definitely the way to go.

Too Dangerous to Enter

If the structure is too dangerous to enter, soft demolition can't happen. In those cases, it's best to tear down the structure and have skilled workers pick apart the rubble. If the workers come across recyclables or reusable material within the rubble, then they can pick those out. Keep in mind that sometimes the danger comes from contaminants like mold, in which case everything might go to the landfill. But at least the structure will be gone quickly, allowing you to rebuild a better building. Hard demolition, in this case, allows your workers to stay safe while quickly getting rid of a dangerous structure -- and that keeps you safe.

Simple Materials

When the structure is made of a simple list of materials, such as a concrete wall that's pretty much just concrete and maybe some rebar, hard demolition is essentially the same as soft demolition, so there's no need to treat the material that gingerly. The demolition company can quickly destroy the structure and separate out the materials. When a contractor knocks down something with a composition that the company knows completely, he or she can finish sorting and removing materials fast. It makes no sense to take the time to deconstruct in these cases.

Cost Concerns

The simplicity of hard demolition makes it much cheaper to do than the complex sorting of deconstruction. If you need to get rid of a structure and have to stick to a tight budget as much as possible, soft demolition or deconstruction may be out of reach. This is understandable; not everyone has unlimited budgets. Still, if you can, find a hard demolition company that will do some sorting to save those demolished materials from the landfill.

If you need to get rid of a structure, have it evaluated by contractors and get bids. Should you need to go with hard demolition, you'll be able to find companies like Kennah Construction that can do the job correctly.