Every Home Needs a Hobby Room

Luxury Homes Are About Specialization & Technology

by Ryan Wright

If you want to target luxury home buyers for the homes that you are having built, you need to make sure that you are including the right features. There are some classic features that luxury home buyers tend to look for in homes, such as specialized rooms, and a few more modern features, such as incorporated smart technology, that you need to include in your building plans if you want to appeal to the luxury home market.

Specialized Rooms

One of the biggest features that luxury home buyers are looking for is a specialized space. A specialized space includes rooms that are not necessary, such as a bedroom or kitchen, but rooms that exist solely for the pleasure of the homeowner.

There are a large variety of types of specialized rooms that you can add to the home you are building in order to appeal to the luxury home market.

For someone who is all about fitness, add on rooms and spaces that would appeal to this type of buyer. Add a gym that is fully equipped with all sorts of modern exercise equipment. Be sure to include a room that can be used for fitness type classes and exercises, such as yoga and Zumba. Add an outdoor basketball and tennis court to the property as well, and don't forget the sauna to relax those sore muscles in.

For someone who is all about showing off their collections, add space that lets them do this. Add a wine room that will allow them to display their vast wine collection. Add a tasting room to the wine room so that the new buyers of the home have a way to show their friends their wine collection. Create a garage space that is not just about function, but is about showing off one's car collection. Add in trophy cases and spots to show off artwork throughout the house.

Customize the type of specialized rooms that you add to the space to the type of buyer that want to target with your luxury home. Keep in mind that not all luxury home buyers have the same interests and desires for their homes.

Integrated Technology

The one thing that most luxury home buyers seem to be looking for, when purchasing a new luxury home, are homes that integrate technology into their design.

There are so many ways you can integrate technology into your build. You can add in temperature controls that can be adjusted remotely. You can add an integrated entertainment and sound system that works in various parts of the house. For example, you can have a speaker system in the master bathroom, one out on the patio, and one in the entertainment room.

Add in a security system that is already set-up and in-place. Luxury home buyers are going to want to be able to keep an eye on their space, so make it easy for them with a camera and alarm system that was artfully included in the design of the space so safety and beauty don't have to be a trade-off.

Try to incorporate as many smart pieces of technology into the space as you can. Also, make sure that you choose high-quality smart technology that has a track record of working well. You don't want to integrate systems into the house that do not work well.

When designing a luxury home for sale, make sure that you make the space feel special and hi-tech in order to appeal to the modern luxury home buyer. Contact a local luxury home builder for more information and assistance.