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Unclogging Your Coffee Maker

by Ryan Wright

At some point, you may begin to notice that your coffee maker is making steam and is not brewing any coffee. Because coffee makers are not very expensive, it might be tempting to simply throw the coffee maker away. However, this can be a mistake because the coffee maker may simply be suffering from a clog.

Cleaning The Downspout Hose

Before attempting to remove the clog, unplug the coffee maker. If you do not do this, you will risk burning yourself. If there is any water left in the coffee maker, dump it into the sink. If water is not removed from the coffee maker, you may damage it as you attempt to repair it. 

By removing the bottom of the coffee maker, you will be able to look inside and determine what is wrong with it. The first place to check is the downspout hose. You can simply tug it in order to remove it. Some coffee pots will only have a hose, but a few will come with a valve. This is the part of the coffee maker that is the most likely to clog. By removing the valve, you will likely be able to squeeze the hose in order to remove the gunk that has been clogging the coffee pot. Then, you should place the valve back inside the hose and reassemble the coffee maker. 

Cleaning The Drain Hole

Another approach is to check the drain hole. If it is clogged, find something to poke through the hole, such as a toothbrush or a wire brush. The drain hole should be found at the bottom of the reservoir where you add water. 

Preventing Future Clogs

In order to prevent the coffee pot from clogging again, simply add white vinegar and run the coffee pot without any coffee grinds. The vinegar will clean the inside of the coffee pot and reduce the risk that it will clog. It will also improve the taste of your coffee because it will remove old coffee that has accumulated inside the pot. However, make sure to run the coffee maker a second time with plain water in order to remove what's left of the vinegar. Otherwise, your next cup of coffee will have a vinegar taste. 

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