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How To Identify Roof Damage After A Storm And Repair Needs Of Your Home

by Ryan Wright

After a storm, you will know you need roofing repairs if shingles have been blown off or if you are missing complete sections of your roof. Sometimes, the repairs are a little harder to spot,  and damage starts small but grow if you do not have the repairs done. Hail damage is a good example of roof damage that is not always noticeable at first glance. Here is how you can identify some of the roof repair needs of your home after a storm has past:

1. Wind Damage That Is Not as Noticeable as Missing Shingles

The wind damage to your roof may be less noticeable. Just because you do not have missing shingles does not mean that high winds have not caused damage. Wind can cause the edges of shingles to be lifted. This will cause the shingles to crack or tear and leaks to develop. If there are signs of this type of damage, the shingles will need to be replaced to prevent leaks from developing.

2. Signs of Hail Damage and Pitting of Shingles That Will Eventually Cause Leaks

Hail damage can also be obvious or it may be more difficult to spot. Obvious hail damage is when you can see dents in the roofing from large hail stones. Smaller hail stones also cause damage and can leave smaller dents that are more difficult to see. Contact a roofing contractor to have them inspect your roof for hail damage if the storm that recently passed through also came with hail. They can find the damage, document it and help with an estimate that you can use for insurance claims to have repairs done.

3. Leaks and Roof Wear That Can Develop After the Storm Has Passed

Roofing can also be worn easily after a storm. Heavy rains can cause the granules to be washed off shingles and expose them to wear and eventually leaks. In addition, wind and runoff may cause leaks around areas like roof penetrations, flashing and walls. When you are inspecting your roof for damage, look for these problems and signs of leaks that need to be repaired. Excessive wear will need to be dealt with by replacing shingles, which a complete roof replacement may be needed if your roof is older.

Identifying the storm damage to your home is the first step in getting repairs done. If you need help with repairs to your home, contact a roof repair contractor like Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters to help find and repair any of the storm damage that is less noticeable.