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4 Reasons Every New Homeowner Needs to Have a Fence Installed

by Ryan Wright

Whether your property consists of a fraction of a small lot or covers dozens of acres of land, keeping both your family and belongings safely on your home site is very important. Even with friendly and accommodating neighbors, nobody likes it when someone else infringes on their land, accidentally or not. Having a fence built won't solve all potential problems you may face as a new homeowner, but there are four unquestionable reasons why it is a good idea to get a fence in place right away.

1. Marking Where Your Property Begins and Ends - You may think that you know where your property line ends, but your neighbors might disagree with you on its exact placement. By hiring a professional builder to install a fence and custom gates, you will enable yourself to never have any concerns about your neighbors building a shed on your land or causing damage to your property. You might be happy to learn that your property is larger than you initially thought it was after having a privacy fence constructed. 

2. Dissuading Theft, Trespassing, and Vandalism - If your home is located in an area with a lot of foot traffic, you could fall victim to trespassing and even theft if you don't have a secure fence in place. Some property owners have had to deal with people taking shortcuts through their yard even when there have been highly visible no-trespassing signs posted throughout. To avoid this, ensure that the fence and gates you have installed are tall enough to prevent anyone from easily hopping over.

3. Knowing Your Children and Pets Are Safe - It simply isn't safe to allow your pets or children out into the yard if there isn't a fence to separate them from the outside world. Since children can get brazen and let themselves out, having custom gates with a sturdy, locking security latch put in place will reduce concerns about the children disappearing. Think about how much less stressful things will be once you can confidently allow your children and animals to go outside whenever they want.

 4. Keeping the Peace - Sometimes conflict can arise once a homeowner firmly sets boundaries about going on their property without permission. Rather than having continued disputes about a fact that you are certain of, have a professional fence-installation company come out and settle things for good. Your fence can be built as high as you need to help keep the peace and maintain order in your home.

Fences can be installed to solve privacy concerns, to accurately delineate property lines, to keep pets from wandering away, or to keep children out of harm's way. The fact of the matter is that problematic situations can be avoided if you have a quality fence installed soon after you purchase your home. With a privacy fence put where your property line begins, you won't be bothered by solicitors, worry about property going missing from your yard, or have related concerns when you invite guests over to socialize in your new home.

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