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How To Raise The Roof (Literally!) And Have Some Fun!

by Ryan Wright

Usually, "raising the roof" means you are having a wild party. However, it can also mean that you are literally raising the roof of your home. Taking a closer look at the latter, let's see how you can literally raise your roof, but still have some fun doing it.

Have People Over, Like a Barn Raising

If you are going to attempt this project DIY, then you definitely need to invite some people to help. Old-fashioned barn raisings went like that--invite people over, have lots of food and drink, put up a barn, and party.  This is the same thing, only you are raising the roof on your house. Everyone brings food, and you take breaks every two or three hours while working on the roof. Usually, a total roof tear-off is in order, since you cannot detach and lift your roof off to save it, so extra hands, extra food and extra drink all help.

Get a Giant Dumpster Rental for the Old Roof

Everyone will have to dig in and rip up chunks of roof. Then it has to be tossed over into a dumpster. Make sure it is the biggest dumpster you can rent, unless your house is less than 900 sq. feet, then a medium-sized dumpster will work. Crank the tunes with a work radio you can rent from a rental store and get down to business.

Once the Old Roof Is Off, Add to the Posts and Beams

To raise your roof, you have to raise the vertical stud boards in the walls that meet the roof. "Raising" involves adding similar pieces of lumber to the ones you currently have, or using square posts bolted onto the vertical stud boards. Two or three feet added here is usually enough for a DIY job, since anything taller will require the assistance of a residential roofing contractor. Then use heavy duty bolts to bolt the horizontal resting beams to these vertical stud board extenders. Now your elevated roof is ready for new trusses, but given the weight of these things, you may still need to invite a roofing contractor and/or crane operator to the party.

Begin the Next Party Wave with Boards, Under-Roofing and Shingles

After you and your party/work crew have DIY'ed the roof raising and got the trusses on, your next party wave involves roofing materials. Everyone has to grab a slab of wood, nail it to the trusses from the peaks down. Then add rubber or felt under-roofing, followed by shingles. All that is left to to redo the missing sections of wall and the missing ceilings, and you are done! Every one of your friends and family can eat, drink and be merry, celebrating a job well-done!

To learn more about a roof raising or replacement job, visit websites like http://dsbahr.com.