Every Home Needs a Hobby Room

Recreate Your Kitchen With These 3 Design Tips For Busy Families

by Ryan Wright

Creating a modern kitchen not only gives your food-prep and cooking space a lift, but the changes you make help solve space and function issues in other common rooms. Perhaps you have a formal dining room that's become a project area, or your home office space is not large enough to handle your personal working style. Before you begin you remodel, consider the following tips:

Sleek means stealth storage

Contemporary kitchen design leans toward the sleek and the minimalist with few fussy details. Cabinets with industrial lines are matched with walls and ceilings in plain, neutral hues. Countertops and back splashes are found in black, white or multi-toned natural materials. Fancy looks are saved for eye-catching pendant lighting and cookware.

When you go for this pared-down look, you sacrifice the convenience of hanging pot racks, busy shelving and other clutter-prone storage solutions. Ask your contractor about new ways to incorporate all of your specialty pans and culinary gear without compromising the look of your new kitchen. Deep drawers, divided-under-cabinet sheet-pan racks and above-the-stove pot storage are some of the ways to maximize space and keep cooking tools organized.

Make the kitchen multi-task

The kitchen is the perfect place for an extended workspace whether you sew, create artwork or need to spread chapters out to arrange your new novel. Kids always need space for homework and projects, and what better area than near the kitchen sink for easy glue and marker clean up? Your contractor will create a fold-out project table that extends from your kitchen counter or island to create a homework desk, bill-paying center or pumpkin-carving station.

A center or offset island with seating for four makes a great game area as well, whether you're role playing, dealing cards or enjoying board games. Kitchen seating areas can be out-of-the-way spots for kids to listen to music, watch TV or read. Your formal dining area stays tidy while your family uses your living space in practical ways.

Access to the outdoors is in

A recent survey of people remodeling their kitchens revealed that two thirds of these homeowners are including outside access in their plans. More people are enjoying social activities in their own backyards. They want easy transitions between indoors and outdoors to move food, beverages and other entertaining necessities between the kitchen and the BBQ or poolside.

If you frequently dine or socialize outdoors, examine your kitchen's proximity to your patio or outdoor kitchen. Have your contractor replace clunky sliding glass doors with french doors, or create a pass-through from the kitchen to the outdoor dining areas.