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3 Fun Ways To Promote Your Auto Shop On Your Building's Garage Doors

by Ryan Wright

Are you interested in using your auto shop's garage doors as promotional tools? Here are three fun ways to decorate your doors and increase customer interest in your services:

Use Custom Stencils

An excellent way to spruce your building's garage doors up while at the same time promoting your business is to decorate the doors with custom stencils and paint. Have your company logo and a mimic of your business sign turned into stencils at your local office supply store, printing shop, or graphic design studio. Then pick out paint colors that complement your company's theme and use the stencils to create an impressive do-it-yourself design that catches the eyes of passersby and helps to increase your customer base.

Choose your colors carefully, because they tend to have an effect on peoples' emotions. Using the right color themes will help increase brand recognition and improve customer comprehension about your services, therefore encouraging potential clients to make an appointment for vehicle checkups, oil changes, and repairs. Consider incorporating one or more of the following options:

  • Use hues of blue to portray trust and dependability.

  • Incorporate red to create excitement and encourage action.

  • Grab the attention of passersby and invoke optimism with the help of yellow.

The idea is to create interest through emotion when people walk, bicycle, or drive past your auto shop's garage doors.

Create a Community Mural

Host a community contest by asking current and potential customers to submit mural design ideas for your garage doors. Require each entry to include your business name or logo in their design and commit to a solid deadline for contestants to abide by. Once the entries are submitted, you can choose a favorite mural for each garage door you want to decorate and present the winners with vouchers for services in your shop. You can then hire a local artist to recreate the murals on your garage doors, and possibly get an impressive discount in exchange for the exposure you're offering them. Give runner ups a t-shirt with your company information printed on them to gain some extra exposure when all is said and done.

Feature Customer Feedback

Another fun way to decorate your garage doors and at the same time promote your business is to feature regularly updated customer feedback on them. Just give the doors a few coats of chalkboard paint and leave buckets of colored chalk nearby so customers can provide positive feedback as they come and go. Alternatively, you can maintain control of the door feedback by having customers leave their written remarks on paper in a drop box and then quoting the feedback you'd like to feature for the week.

These decorating ideas are sure to improve your auto shop's curb appeal and increase customer interest as time goes on. For more help with commercial garage doors, visit a website like http://shankdoor.com