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Pressure Tanks For Water Wells: What They Are, What They Do And How To Get Them

by Ryan Wright

If you have a well for water delivery to your home, then you may have experienced the inconsistencies that come with water pressure from a well system. However, you do not have to live with these inconsistencies or accept them as par for the course. You can hire a well contractor to install some pressure tanks. If you have never heard of pressure tanks for wells before, the following information will tell you what they are, what they do and how to get them.

What Well Water Pressure Tanks Are

These tanks range in size from a couple of gallons to several gallons. They may be freestanding horizontal tanks or vertical tanks that need to be attached to their own pole above ground, or buried in a serial formation below ground. Larger tanks more closely resemble propane tanks while the smaller, more conservative tanks look like air compressor tanks or water tanks for RVs. Regardless of the type and size of tank you decide to buy, all of them collect pumped well water and hold onto it until your personal water needs and demands increase.

What Well Water Pressure Tanks Do

When your water needs and demands increase at certain times of the day (e.g., bathing, laundry and dishes, etc.), these tanks kick in and funnel several extra gallons of water into the house. While they are busy pushing through the water that was held in reserve, the well pump is activated and begins channeling more water into the reserve barrels of the pressure tanks. The tanks also increase the amount of pressure behind the water so that you get a constant, steady stream of water that does not stop and start, go in spurts or require you to wait until the pump has moved enough water into the pipes to continue your washing activities.

How to Get a Well Water Pressure Tank

These tanks need to be professionally installed because they have to be connected to your well pump and then connected to your house. In addition to these connections, the pressure tanks require their own source of electrical power, which means your contractor has to run electrical wiring from the pressure tank to the house. While it is ideal for your pressure tank to be installed as close as possible to your well so that the pressure tank can adequately register water use and signal the pump at the right time, your contractor may be able to install the pump farther away using extra pipe lines and electrical cables/wiring. Additional excavation may be necessary if you want to bury the pressure tank.

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