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Problems In Employee Restrooms Can Spell Trouble For Business Owners

by Ryan Wright

One of the areas in your business you may not give a lot of thought to is the employee restroom. You may have hired a professional janitorial service for keeping your employees' restrooms clean, but have not given a lot of attention to possible problems like leaky toilets and sinks. However, while these kinds of issues may seem small compared to your daily routine of production, you should know these small plumbing problems could lead to much bigger problems.

A Small Leak Can Be Costly

If a sink or toilet in your employees' restrooms leaks, you will have higher water expenses. However, if a leak goes unnoticed for a long time, you could stand to lose a lot of money each month for no good reason. A small leak may not cause a substantial increase in your bill, but over time, you may be paying out a great deal more money for water than necessary. Hiring professional industrial plumbers to check out your employee's restroom on a regular basis is best for catching a small leak before it ends up costing a small fortune.

Leaks Can Lead To Slip And Fall Lawsuits

If one of your employees slips and falls because a leaky toilet or sink in the restroom made the floor slippery, you could find yourself being sued over it. This can be an especially difficult issue if the employee is seriously injured. For example, consider the cost of medical treatment for a severe head injury that caused brain trauma due to your employee hitting his or head on the floor or on a sink or toilet during their fall. Maintaining regularly scheduled plumbing checks is best to prevent this kind of scenario in your workplace. In fact. OSHA, the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety & Health Administration, requires business owners to maintain dry floors in restrooms for safety reasons.

Clogged Toilets Can Lead To Sick Days and Losses

If one of your employees gets sick and makes a mess in one the toilets in the employee restroom, you could end up with other employees catching infectious viruses. Some people are too embarrassed to let other people know they caused a toilet to become clogged up. If that toilet remains clogged up, other employees using other stalls could still become sick from airborne bacteria. Making it a rule in your business to prevent this problem is advised. Be sure all your employees come to you or their supervisor if there is ever a problem in one of the restrooms.

Paying attention to small plumbing problems in your workplace can help you avoid profit losses and save money for unnecessary expenses. Finding a professional commercial plumber you can trust, such as Cool Air Mechanical, Inc., for helping you keep down plumbing issues in your business is smart.