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Patch A Small Hole In A French Door's Wooden Frame

by Ryan Wright

A small hole in the wooden frame of a French door that leads out to your patio can be repaired with the following steps. After the hole has been filled, add a fresh coat of primer and paint to the patched section so that the damage is no longer apparent.


  • sandpaper
  • electric sander
  • compressed air
  • vinyl tarp
  • mild liquid detergent
  • water
  • soft cloths (lint-free)
  • wood putty
  • thin knife
  • putty knife
  • primer
  • paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • sponge

Sand And Clean The Damaged Portion Of The Door

Sand around the damaged area to remove splintered wood and to provide the door with a smooth surface. Begin with a piece of coarse grit paper. Move the sander back and forth while applying pressure to the back of the tool. Attach a piece of fine grit paper to the tool after the wood appears to be uniform. Use a can of compressed air to remove sawdust from the hole's interior.

Clean the freshly sanded portion of the door with a soft, soapy cloth. Rinse the cloth out with plain water and wipe it over the same section. Dry the wooden surface with another cloth. 

Fill The Hole And Lightly Sand It

Mold a small amount of wood putty between your hands until it is soft and flexible. Fill the hole with the putty. Use a thin knife to assist you with pushing the putty into the crevice. Smooth the putty out with a putty knife so that its surface is even with the rest of the door. Wait for the putty to dry. This could take a few hours. Once the putty hardens, lightly sand its surface. Wipe away sanding residue with a soft cloth.

Add Primer And Paint

Apply a small amount of primer to a thin paintbrush and dab it onto the putty as evenly as possible. Wait several hours for the primer to dry. Add a small amount of paint that matches the color of the rest of the door to a clean paintbrush and apply it in the same manner. If any portion of the paint does not appear to be smooth, use a sponge to blend it in with the paint on the rest of the door.  Wait for the paint to dry. Add an additional coat of paint and blend it if more coverage is needed.

After the paint dries, the damage will no longer be visible, and the French door will provide you with an attractive entryway to the patio outside of your home. For professional help, contact a company like Fas Windows and Doors.