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Four Entrance Door Options For A Retail Store

by Ryan Wright

The right design for your storefront can mean the difference between an inviting exterior and being overlooked by potential customers. Your entrance doors are a major part of that design, but security is another concern you must also keep in mind. The following guide can help you select the right option for you.

Option #1: Standard Glass

Standard glass doors are a staple for retail establishments and eateries, since they give the entrance an inviting look while also providing an enticing glimpse of the shop's interior to passers-by. Dual glass doors are usually preferred, since this allows for both entering and exiting to occur simultaneously.

Handles are another important consideration. Help your customers avoid embarrassment by opting for handles that make the push or pull obvious – handles for the pull side and push pads for the pull side. If security is concern, perhaps after hours when employees are still on site but the business is closed, opt for a locking pushbar on the inside of the door. These bars are unlocked to allow normal operation during business hours, and then they are locked so that the bar must be pushed in to disengage the door and exit the building after hours.

Option #2: Peek-A-Boo Doors

A peek-a-boo door can give a stately look to certain types of specialty businesses, or those that don't have wares on display. These doors are often used on upscale boutiques, legal or accounting firms, and service businesses. Peek-a-boo doors feature a window in just the top half of the door. The remainder of the door is generally wood or security metal made to look like wood. There may even be ornate carvings on the door, depending on the business.

Handles on peek-a-boo doors vary. You can opt for handles similar to those on glass doors, or you may prefer to use an actual door knob to add to the stately appearance of the door.

Option #3: Steel Doors

Steel doors are generally used for warehouses or service shops, such as machine shops and mechanics. The purpose of these doors is to protect those outside the business from any wayward flying objects, and to provide security for the expensive tools and equipment inside.

Steel doors sometimes have a small round, rectangular, or square window in the center so you can see if someone is on the other side before you open it. You can get the door in a variety of finishes and in the color of your choice, and with the handle type of your choice.

Option #4: Security Doors

Security doors are generally made of steel, and any glass in them has a wire mesh embedded to make it difficult to break in. There are many options when it comes to security doors, such as doors that are operated by a remote control to allow customers in, to those that lock at a specific time. There are also barred doors that you close over your main entrance when you close in the evening.

If you don't want the front of your retail establishment to resemble a fort, security gates are another option. There are automatic gates that close similar to a garage door, fencing in your entrance for the night. Alternatively, you can opt for a pull gate, which rolls up to the side or overhead when it's not in use.

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