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Three Tips To Diverting Greywater From Your Septic System For Irrigation

by Ryan Wright

With water becoming a precious resource in many areas, greywater is becoming a practical way to get water for landscaping irrigation. Not only can it help to reduce water consumption, but using grey water can also help reduce wear on your septic system. This is water that goes to your septic system and can cause it to be over burdened with affluent (liquid waste). If you want to use greywater for your landscape irrigation, here are some tips that can help you:

1. Installing Diverting Systems On Appliances For Irrigation

The most affordable option to use greywater for irrigation is to use diverters that take water from the drainage of appliances like washing machines. This water can be diverted to go directly to a garden and other landscaping. This can be done to things like dishwashers, washing machines and even kitchen sinks and other plumbing that is easily accessible to divert for irrigation. 

2. Installing An Additional Septic Tank For Greywater Plumbing

If you have a large family or a lot of people living in your home, you may have more greywater. This water can also be stored in septic storage tanks to use for different needs besides irrigation. This greywater can also be used for tasks like pressure washing the deck or cleaning the roof of your home. With the addition of a tank, you will be able to use the water when you need it and not use it for irrigation when there is no need to such as during the winter months or a rainy season.

3. Installing The Filters And Pumps You Will Need To Use Greywater

The greywater from your home is relatively clean, but you may want to use it for different needs, so filtration and pumps are an essential part of these systems. The filter can be a simple sand filter that removes any large particles from the water. If you want to have a storage tank installed for the water, you will also want to invest in a pump to get the water out of the tank. The pump does not have to be a high pressure pump, which you may want to use a solar powered pump to make it energy efficient.

If you want to reduce wear on your septic system, these are some things that can help to reuse your greywater for irrigation. If you want to have these systems in your home improved, contact a septic contractor like one from Valley Well Drilling to get the help you need with some of these improvements.