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Four Options You May Want To Consider When Having Radiant Heating Installed In Your Home

by Ryan Wright

If you want to have a heating system that is efficient and comfortable, radiant heating is a great option. There are also many different options when choosing radiant heating systems. You can choose between different types of boilers, radiators and in-floor heating. These different options can be good for certain circumstances. If you have an existing home, you may want to have radiators installed, while with new homes in-floor systems can be great. There are also many choices for boilers. Here are some of the options that you may want to consider before having radiant heating installed in your home:

1. Biomass And Outdoor Boilers For Energy Savings On Heating

If you do not want to pay high utility bills for heating, biomass boilers can be a great choice for radiant heating. These are boilers that use a biomass fuel material to operate and they cost a lot less to use than conventional gas or oil systems. They can also be outdoor boilers, which work with firewood. These are great systems for rural areas where fuel materials are widely available.

2. Integrated Solar Energy With Radiant Heating Systems

Solar energy can also be integrated into a conventional boiler system. This is a great option if you live in an area where biomass systems cannot be used, but want to have a more efficient system. The evacuative tube type solar collectors can provide your heating system with hot water to greatly reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat your home.

3. Using Radiators For Heating Systems In Existing Homes

If you have an existing home, radiators will be the best choice for the radiant heating in your home.  Newer radiators can also come in many different styles to be a more attractive addition to your home. You can even have radiators installed in the bathroom that have racks on them for towels to give you a towel warmer for your bathroom.

4. New Home Construction And Installing In-Floor Heating Systems

New home construction is a great opportunity to install an in-floor heating system. This will give you the benefit of a heating system that is hidden in your flooring, as well as an efficient way to use radiant heating to heat your home. It is something that is best to do with new construction where the system can easily be installed in the floor while your home is being built.

These are some of the options you have for installing radiant heating in your home. If you need to have heating installed for your home, contact a radiant heating contractor like Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc to find out what type of system will be the best for the heating needs of your home.