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Considering Siding Replacement? The Important Considerations

by Ryan Wright

If you know your older home needs new siding but you aren't sure what type of siding is going to be best, you'll want to consider professional installation. There are a lot of risks when you try to do your own siding removal and installation. Consider the following things, and call professionals to get the siding that you need.

Asbestos Concerns

Removing your own siding can be dangerous because you don't know if there was asbestos in the siding, in the adhesive used to apply the siding, or in the insulation behind the siding. This dangerous mineral fiber will become airborne if it's moved around and can be inhaled. Inhaling can cause cancer and other fatal illnesses. It's best to let the experts handle the removal of your old siding on the home, and to remove all asbestos before installing new siding.

Improper Application and Water Problems

If you make one mistake during the installation process, and there is an area where moisture can get through, your entire home is at risk. If water can get in and do damage to the sheeting and the frame of the home, you could end up with a serious moisture problem. This would also be an area where pests could get in. Instead, you should let the professionals do the installation and put a warranty on their work to ensure you don't have potential installation woes that cause huge problems.

Choosing High Quality Siding

If you want to choose a high quality material that you don't need to spend money or time maintaining annually, and you want something that is going to look great and withstand weathering over time, vinyl siding or fiber cement siding are going to be the two best options.

These are both resilient, they are going to hold color for years, and you can get insulated options that will improve the heating and cooling expenses. Get quotes from a local contractor for both options.

A full siding replacement can completely update the look of your home, it can improve the curb appeal of the house, and it can add value to your home. Make sure you find a material that is affordable and low maintenance so you aren't struggling to maintain it each year like you could have to with wood. New siding is a great investment for the home, especially if it improves efficiency and the value of the properly.