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Why Your Antique House Should Have Modern Windows Installed

by Ryan Wright

Have you recently purchased an old home? Are you making plans for how to renovate it, while preserving its historical charm? Here are some reasons why home window replacement should be at the top of your to do list:

Safety: In some older houses, the window frames are too small for a person to use the window as a fire escape. They may also have small windows that consist of nothing more than a pane of glass and don't open at all. Your local ordinances may not require homeowners to bring their homes up to code, but windows that don't allow a person to escape could create a potentially deadly situation.  If a fire should break out in your home, a person could be trapped if the window won't allow them to crawl out to safety. Keep your family safe from danger by planning a home window replacement so that you don't have to worry about family members being trapped during a dangerous situation.  

Eliminate storm windows: Removing and installing storm windows can be risky and time-consuming. If your windows are older, the frames could be loose and allow the glass to fall out when removed. Some older wooden framed storm windows can swell and become stuck in place. Standing on a ladder and wrestling a stripped screw can become a safety hazard. Storing storm windows can take up needed storage space. Having modern windows installed on your home will eliminate the hassle and risks of dealing with old-fashioned storm windows. 

Energy efficiency: Having double-paned windows installed can reduce your power costs. They are built at a factory by placing two pieces of glass in a frame and separating them with a small gap. The space may be filled with nontoxic gas or air, creating an extra layer of insulation between you and the outdoors. A dual-pane window rarely freezes shut like its single-pane glass counterpart. Double-paned windows are also available with UV protective coating to block the heat of the sun, keeping your rooms cooler in summer and lowering your air conditioning costs. 

Eradicate air leaks: Outside air coming into your house could be caused by several different factors. A pane could be loose, or the seal between the glass and the frame could have weakened over time. Not only do small leaks allow air in, they also allow outdoor moisture to seep into your home. This could create mold or mildew behind the walls, causing substantial damage. A professional, like Treasure Valley Seamless Siding, can assess your windows and let you know if they can repair the seals, or if the entire window needs to be replaced.