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4 Reasons Your Office Needs A Carpet Cleaning Service

by Ryan Wright

If you're a small business owner or office manager, you've probably been moving that pesky carpet cleaning chore to the bottom of the list for several months now. You know it's important, but other priorities always seem to get in the way. Well, don't wait any longer. There are four big reasons to get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service today.

Reduce Allergens in the Office

These days it seems like everyone is allergic to something. If your staff is sneezing and sniffling through the work day, you need a deep carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming is important for eliminating dust, dander and pollen particles in the office, but it just doesn't offer the same deep cleaning power as a professional service. Vaccuums don't have enough power to suck up small grains, and even larger particles can get caught on carpet fibers and resist vacuuming. Professional carpet cleanings use a special shampoo that works it's way deep into carpet fibers, attracting every tiny speck of dirt.  A thorough professional cleaning is the only way to eliminate nasty allergens that ruin workers' productivity.

Look More Professional

If you're trying to impress clients or prospective customers, you want them focused on your presentation and not on that ugly coffee stain in the conference room. If your carpets are filthy, your customers are going to assume it reflects a lack of attention to detail on the part of your business. A clean office with fresh-smelling carpets, however, signals that you are ready to handle any challenge that might come your way. Your clients will have more confidence in you, and they won't hesitate to drop by for a quick meeting.

Get Your Deposit Back

If your business is like most, you probably paid your landlord a hefty security deposit to go along with your lease. Carpet cleaning and replacement are among the most common reasons landlords keep some or all of the deposit after move-out. Bringing in professional cleaners on a regular basis can keep your landlord happy and ensure you get your full deposit back next time you move.

Save on Expensive Machinery

If you're convinced you need to clean your carpets regularly, you might think of buying a machine and trying it out yourself. Unfortunately that option simply isn't cost-effective. The cost of a good carpet cleaning machine often exceeds $1,000. The investment doesn't make sense if you aren't running a professional service. Additionally, the machines can be difficult to run and can damage carpets if placed in the wrong hands. Hiring a professional service like Aesthetic Flooring & Hard Surfaces is the easier solution.

Don't wait for your carpets to get even worse. Contact a cleaning service now!