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Important Questions To Consider Before Building A New Deck

by Ryan Wright

If you've been planning out a design for a new deck or patio on your home, the main thing on your mind is likely the budget and construction costs. While it's important to find a general contractor who specializes in deck design and construction, there are some things that should be brought to his attention before the project gets underway. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before you embark on this type of home improvement project.  

Are The Gutters On Your Home Installed Correctly?

Gutters may not have much to do directly with the design and structure of a deck, but they can affect several components of the deck after it's been erected. The main goal of a gutter system, including the eaves troughs, gutters and runoff pipes is to drive excess rain and moisture away from the home and the foundation. If your gutters are not installed properly, if they are clogged or if they are too close to where the footers of your deck will be, it could cause a buildup of water to occur. This can lead to structural issues with your deck as well as wood rot.

Is Your Home's Septic System Working Properly?

What does your home's septic system have to do with building a deck? A lot. If your septic field is old or has some form of breakdown within the system underground it can cause excess water and sewage to build up in areas throughout the yard. This can lead to an unsecure ground area that could cause the footings of your deck to sink or buckle. Make sure your deck is built several feet away from your drain field. If you haven't had your septic emptied or service in the past three years, consider doing so before breaking ground on a deck project. 

Do You Have An Issue With Standing Water In Your Basement?

If you have a reoccurring issue with your home's basement or crawl space flooding, it could eventually lead to extensive damage to the foundation of your home. Cracking and buckling within your home's foundation signifies that the ground around and underneath your home is unsettled. It could be a direct result of accumulating water build-up or the ground may be full of loose soil or sinkholes. Ask your building contractor to inspect the ground around your home before starting construction on the deck project.

Does Your Yard Have Any Erosion Issues?

If you've noticed a lot of sandy soil or grass or plants uprooting throughout your yard area, it could be due to erosion. Having proper support and footings underneath your deck is essential the final project being safe and secure. If you've noticed erosion issues, ask your contractor about proper draining or installing a retaining wall to keep dirt and gravel in place.

When planning a multi-faceted construction project including a new roof, siding and windows, choose a contractor who specializes in all areas of construction. Doing so will help save time and money. For more information, contact a company like Cottrell Bros.