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Four Of The Best Flooring Solutions To Install With Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems

by Ryan Wright

If you don't like waking up with cold feet, in-floor heating is ideal. It is a system with a series of tubes that circulate water under the floor. There is also the flooring that will finish your system, which can be materials like tile, lightweight concrete and epoxies. If you are having an in-floor heating system installed in your home, here are four of the best flooring choices you will have for flooring in your home:

1. Lightweight Concrete With Acid Staining

Lightweight concrete can be a great flooring for your radiant flooring system. You may think of cold gray concrete, but with acid staining, you can have a flooring with all sorts of colors and designs. It can also have a polished finish if you want to have a flooring with a nice shine. With concrete, the floor will be part of the radiant heating system, and you will not lose energy through the additional flooring over the heating system.

2. Ceramic Tiles For Radiant Heating

Ceramic tiles are also great for radiant flooring systems. They will absorb and distribute the heat coming from the tubing beneath them. You will also have a choice of many different types of tiles for your home. Using tile will give you the option of using different styles and colors for the flooring in different rooms in your home. It is also very durable, and will last a long time without needing to be refinished or replaced.

3. The Best Wood Flooring For In Floor Heating Systems

Hardwood flooring is not the best choice for radiant flooring systems, but it can be installed over radiant flooring systems. You will want to avoid using wide flooring, because with changes in temperature and moisture, it can buckle and crack.

It is best to use a narrow type of flooring, and one that is harder and less likely to warp and buckle. You may also want to consider a tropical wood material like Brazilian walnut, which will be more resistant to changes in temperature and moisture.

4. Vinyl And Engineered Flooring On Radiant Heating Floors

There are also many types of engineered flooring products that you can use. These flooring materials can look like many different types of wood, and will have a moisture barrier under them that insulates and helps to prevent buckling problems that you may have with real wood flooring. There are also newer vinyl products, which can look like tile or like wood flooring products and these products will not buckle or warp at all.

These are some of the choices you have for flooring with in-floor radiant heating systems. If you want to find the best performing tile for your home, contact a tile dealer to see what types of tiles you can have installed in your home. To learn more, contact a company like AW Eurostile with any questions you have.